Hey Guys,


Just setup my etsy shop I’ll be showcasing and selling my holga work there so definetly check it out and…. BUY something 🙂





Just finished uploading my newest body of work. It’s under the “Projects” banner on my website, titled “Nashville.” Check it out and give me a little feedback.


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Stefan Ruiz

Found this interview with Stefan Ruiz very inspiring.



Need Some Help

What do you guys think of this as my show card?



Do you think that I should include the show title in the card too? It’s called “Music City: A non-musical introspect into Nashville, Tennessee” Let me know!!




I went to Chicago this past week. It’s about an eight hour drive from where my wife and I live in Nashville. An hour or so north of Indianapolis I switched with Carissa and let her drive…


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Chicago today and yesterday. More images to come once we get home.





Took a picture of Carissa today, I think I am channeling Henry Callahan



Trying to recover the negatives from these Fuji Instant films… difficulties.. More to come later.


Off to Chicago tomorrow.